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Feast Day: January 21st

Patron saint of girls, chastity, virginity, and the Children of Mary.

    Saint Agnes was very young, very beautiful, and very devout when Christianity was very illegal. She gave to Jesus the gift of her chastity. People reported her to law enforcers, who arrested her and abused her, but she did not deny Jesus or take back from Him the pure gift of her chastity. She died a martyr at the age of thirteen. 

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Feast Day: February 20th

Patron saints of people with sickness and of people who are ridiculed for their piety.

     They were brother and sister who lived in Fátima, Portugal. He was 8 years old and she was 7 when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared six times to them and their cousin, Lúcia. Known today as Our Lady of Fátima, she told the three children to pray the rosary often and make many of sacrifices for the salvation of sinners. People laughed in disbelief at them, but Francisco, Jacinta, and Lúcia led very holy lives for the next two years. Francisco died of an illness at the age of 10, Jacinta died of the same illness at 9, but Lúcia grew up and became a nun.

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Feast Day: March 12th

Patron saint of people with disabilities

   She was the most beautiful girl in town and she came from a rich family, but they lost all their wealth and had to live in a very small house.

  At the age of nine years old, Saint Fina suffered a terrible illness that stole her beauty and her ability to walk. Completely paralyzed, she lay down on a hard wooden board and gazed upon the crucifix. Jesus also suffered a kind of paralysis when His hands and feet were nailed to the Cross, even though love for us kept Him crucified, not the nails.

  For six years, Saint Fina embraced her paralysis and wooden bed like Jesus accepted His Nails and His Cross. She developed a devotion to Saint Gregory the Great, who endured great suffering too. He appeared to her in a vision and foretold that she would die in eight days, on his feast day, March 12. The prophetic vision came true! Saint Fina was only 15 years old when she entered Paradise.

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Feast Day: April 2nd

Excellent intercessor for purity and for good behavior.

    Musa was not a very good little girl, until she saw a vision of the Blessed Mother...
  The Blessed Mother was surrounded by many other little girls, all dressed in white, and all the same age as Musa. The Blessed Mother asked Musa if she would like to be one of her Holy Handmaidens, too. "Oh yes!" Musa exclaimed wholeheartedly. The Blessed Mother explained that, to be one of her handmaidens, Musa would ahve to stop being selfish and childish, and to stop seeking to be pleased and entertained all the time. If Musa could suffer a little for Heaven, the Blessed Mother would return for her in thirty days.

    Musa changed her life completely. Her father and mother were shocked! And they wondered what had happened to their daughter.

   Twenty-five days later, Musa became very sick with a fever and chills. Five days after that, on the thirtieth day, the Blessed Mother appeared to Musa once more, accompanied by all her handmaidens. She called Musa's name and summoned her to heavenly service. Musa surrendered her spirit, answering in her final breaths, "Look, O Blessed Lady, here I come! See, O Blessed Lady, I am coming!" Saint Gregory the Great wrote that "her soul departed her virgin's body, to dwell forever with the holy virgins in Heaven."

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Feast Day: May 30th

Patron saint of martyrs, prisoners, soldiers, and people ridiculed for their piety.

     At the age of 12, Saint Joan of Arc saw a vision of Saint Michael the Archangel who revealed that she would lead her country's army into battle. By the age of 16, her vision came true! Saint Catherine of Alexandria (martyred at 18) and Saint Margaret the Virgin (martyred at 15) also appeared to her, to give her counsel and consolation. 

      For the next two years, Saint Joan of Arc continued to receive visions from Heaven as she brought victory in war and glory to God.

       At 18, she was captured, imprisoned, and put on trial. The court doubted her visions and her holiness. When questioned if she was in God's grace, she answered, "If I am not, may God put me there. And if I am, may God keep me there." Saint Catherine appeared once more and told Saint Joan, "Accept all things peacefully. Do not worry about your martyrdom. In the end, you will enter the Kingdom of Paradise." Saint Joan of Arc was pronounced guilty of heresy, condemned of witchcraft, and sentenced to death.

      She was burned at the stake at the age of 19 years old. Her last words rose above the flames as a prayer to the Holy Name of our Lord: "Jesus... Jesus... Jesus..."

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Feast Day: June 3rd

Patron saint of children and primary schools.

     Nearly one hundred and fifty years ago in Uganda, Africa, Saint Kizito served as the personal servant to King Mwanga II. Back then, many Ugandans did not know about the love of God in Jesus Christ. But when Christians evangelized in Uganda, bringing the Gospel, the Good News of God, forty-five Ugandans converted from idolatry to Christianity. Kizito was the youngest of the group. He was baptized by their leader, Saint Charles Lwanga. 

      When the king discovered that he had Christians in his court, he was enraged and ordered them to deny their faith. Non did. SO the king ordered them to be tortured and executed. Some were beheaded. Others were speared. Several more, including Kizito were burned to death in a large fire. Before he stepped into the flames, Kizito recited the Our Father. His last words could be heard above the roaring blaze: "We are on the right path." He was fourteen years old.

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    Antonietta Meo had cancer when she was only five years old. The cancer was in her right leg. At that time, the only way to stop the cancer was to amputate. (Amputate means to "cut off".) After her leg was surgically removed in the hospital, she was in great pain, but she said to her father, "Pain is like cloth. The stronger it is, the more it is worth."

     When she returned home, Antonietta Meo began writing letters to Jesus, Mary, and many other saints. (She had not learned to write yet, so she dictated them to her mother.) Most of her letters spoke of her great love for the Eucharist. Some letters to Jesus told how she wanted to be the red lamp burning beside the tabernacle so that she could always be with Him and tell people of His Presence. She also wrote that she wanted to be a lily on the altar as a sign of purity. Antonietta Meo wrote 162 letters.

     Less than a year later, her cancer returned, but this time, surgery would not help. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux appeared in a vision and told her that she would die soon. Antonietta Meo asked if she could stay longer and suffer more for Jesus, but Saint Thérèse of Lisieux said "It is enough." 

     Antonietta died at the age of six. Her body was buried in the same church where she used to whisper to the tabernacle, "Jesus, come out and play with me!"


Feast Day: August 15TH

Patron saint of altar boys.

     When he was the age of most altar boys, Tarcisius was given the very important responsibility of carrying the Holy Eucharist to Christian prisoners condemned to die. Jesus told us in Matthew 25:36 that this corporal work of mercy is very important: "I was in prison and you came to me."
     As Saint Tarcisius was on his way, a mob that hated Christians attacked him. He protected the Eucharist and would not let them touch the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar, even as they beat him to death. Pope Damasus compared the martyrdom of Saint Tarcisius to the stoning of the young deacon Saint Stephen, found in the Acts of the Apostles 7:54-60.

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Feast Day: September 4th

Patron saint of Franciscan youth and people denied entry into religious orders.

     As early as the age of 7, Rose loved to serve the poor, even though her own family was very poor, too! By the time she was 10, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared and told Rose to join the Third Order Franciscans. She made her father's home her own personal convent. She stayed inside for many days and spent long hours in prayer.

     Jesus appeared in a vision. He was hanging on the cross and wearing His crown of thorns. She asked why He had to suffer and die. He told her that our sins nailed Him to the Cross, but His deep love for us kept Him there.

     Rose went preaching in the streets that God loves us more than we understand, and that we should go to the Sacrament of Confession often because we are sinners and we need to be sorry for our sins.

     Rose died not long after her 18th birthday. Her final words were, "I die joyfully because I want to be with God. Live without sin and you will not fear death. Death is nothing to fear. It is sweet and precious."

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